In honor of SMA Awareness Month, we are pleased to introduce a new collection!

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a genetic disorder that causes severe muscle weakness which affects the ability to move, stand, sit, cough, swallow, and breathe.    It is the number one genetic killer of children under the age of two, affecting approximately 1 in 6,000 births.  SMA is an autosomal recessive disorder, so a child must get the defective gene from both parents to be affected by the disease.  Approximately 1 in 40 people unknowingly carry the gene responsible for SMA.  SMA does not discriminate - it affects people of all races, ethnicities, and genders.  SMA does not affect intelligence.

There are several subtypes of SMA based on age of onset and severity of symptoms.  Type 1 is the most severe, type 4 the least.  60% of SMA births are type 1.  The prognosis for each type varies, but in all cases, it is a progressive, degenerative disease that can take away a person’s ability to walk, stand, sit, eat, and breathe.  2017 brought news of a promising new treatment, Spinraza, but there is currently no cure.  Even with this treatment, people with SMA require various therapies and interventions to survive and thrive, often at enormous costs, even with good insurance.    

A portion of the proceeds from each sale from the SMA collection will provide start-up funds for a new non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical insurance advocacy services at no charge to people with SMA. 

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