LED keychain - IDEAS Light Bulb keychain in multicolors

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LED Laser engraved keychain.  The Light Bulb design represents bright ideas and innovation encased inside the bulb.  Electronic gadgets, computing devices and electric vehicles and drones all captured elaborately inside the bulb. Great gift for engineers and other scholars!

LED lights up in various colors when the LED light is activated. LED light in multi colors (7); each color can be fixed or set to rotate in 2 a fast or slow mode. Great gifts for friends, birthdays, anniversary, graduation, holidays or any occasion.

All designs are individually created, laser engraved, cut to shape and manually assembled. Each is made to order.

Dimensions: ~3” x ~2” x 7/8” including base.  Comes withclasp fastener.

 0,000 hours LED light; battery replaceable when run out. Design is laser engraved on clear acrylic assembled to LED source in ABS base.

Non-refundable. Replacement if defective Laser engraved & assembled in USA.

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