Our Story

Transforming Creativity to Inspire Entrepreneurship and Life Lessons


As a working mom of two, I've been looking for ways to instill the values of entrepreneurship, discipline and self reliance in my pre-teens. When I saw the "sparks" in their eyes after taking some laser engraving lessons together, I seized the opportunity to channel their excitement and creativity into something meaningful.   The most logical step was to open an eCommerce site to showcase our work while generating funds to finance its conception.  Hence, UniqKool was born.

Because most of us have unique names, it's hard for us to find "pre-personalized" items anywhere we visited.  We decided to start from there, offering "one of a kind, made to order" items for special occasions on functional creations like ID Tags, key-chains, pendants and other household items.  

We offer laser engraving of logos, names in different font styles on natural light wood such as Bass, Maple, and Birch plywood, etc.   We are constantly expanding our portfolio to other products, so please check back with us regularly.   New designs will be uploaded frequently.

We are open to incorporate your special designs per request.  We are ready to take on the challenge.   Thank you for your support.   

Uniquely Kool LLC

Kiet and Jacquie
Shoutout Arizona 2021 Mention