Pet Care, FED or Med | Walked, AM and PM, Reminder or Tracker (Magnets or Adhesives)

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Do you have a problem overfeeding your pet? Or if you have given it meds in the morning or afternoon. How about who has walked the furbaby?
If any of the above combination of events needs to be tracked, this unique EZtrack reminder is perfect for you. It gives you 4 combinations, AM vs PM, Fed vs Med or Fed vs. Walked.
This daily reminder really helps household keep track of their furbaby's schedule!

All parts are laser engraved and cut to size, handpainted and 3 layers manual construction to create a smooth slide mechanism. Slide left to expose “Green” to indicate Done or completed. White Melamine and plywood layers.

Please specify at checkout Magnets (2 magnetic strips or Adhesive (double sided foam adhesive) attach mechanism.

See below for design styles.
3.5” x2.5” x 0.5"

Customize option available.

Made in the USA. No refund unless defective.

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