DOG | CAT | FED BOWL EZSlide Magnet or Adhesive

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This listing is for Uniqkool custom EZSlide reminder for a dog, cat or any pet in 2 settings, laser engraved AM or PM on the base and BOWL on the slider.  

This version (small) is designed for a fridge or cabinet surfaces that can be mounted with 2 magnets or double-sided adhesives.  In the back are 2 strong magnets or double-sided foam adhesive. It also comes in 2 colors, white or beige.

Each is laser etched and cut, then assembled manually to create a smooth slide mechanism

2”x 3.6”x 0.75” (magnet or adhesive, ideal for fridge)

Unless specified at checkout for adhesives, we will ship all small versions with magnets.  Thanks.

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